Gotmix: Informative Entertainment

In the ever-changing landscape of digital media, Gotmix is a one-stop destination for sports, entertainment and all the overlapping content in between. Whether it’s fresh interviews with established sports stars or in-depth profiles of the next generation of elite athletes, Gotmix is a source of both information and recreation.

Gotmix combines the detailed recruiting information of Rivals with the personalized slant of fan appreciation that made Bleacher Report so popular, all from a perspective of journalistic integrity. With a reach that is always expanding to new audiences and demographics, Gotmix utilizes its brand as a visual platform with exclusive video interviews of high-profile sports and entertainment personalities.

Brand recognition is starting to take hold as after every interview conducted the subject announces he/she just “Gotmixed.” When your company name becomes a new verb in the lexicon, it means you’re doing something right, and while Gotmix is not quite a household name yet like Google, the future is bright for the network.

Gotmix has a buffet-styled content interface featuring pieces that illustrate the intersecting lines of sports, business and entertainment. Whether it’s a write-up on the hottest high school football recruits or an interview with a well-known rap sensation, this website has you covered. While Gotmix covers broad topics, there is also an emphasis on niche. We can engage the entire digital community, but we want our readership to feel that our brand is one they can trust for the most current recruiting information and candid dialogues with major sports and entertainment figures.

The sports and entertainment worlds are driven by passion and opinionated discussion and Gotmix packages both on blogs and webisodes. We live in a world where there is a 24/7 news cycle and we aim to deliver timely content that never sacrifices accuracy. Getting a story right is just as important as breaking it, especially in this era of mass information.

Diversity of content is another feature of the Gotmix brand as you can find interviews from everyone from Vitaly Potapenko to Lloyd Banks. While we are part of a youthful generation, you can even find all-time greats like Kenny Stabler featured on Gotmix.net. With over 225 featured videos and counting (Arian Foster, Nick Young aka Swaggy P, Jeremy Lin, Tony Yayo, Lil’ Flip, Dr. Ben Chavis and Colt McCoy, to name a few more), we have what readers want.

Get in the mix.