Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo killed in fiery crash

AJC.com An Atlanta rapper was killed Wednesday in a fiery crash on I-285 in south Fulton County, according to his official Twitter account. While the Fulton Medical Examiner’s office has not identified the victim in the crash, the rapper’s brother…

Why most self-driving cars will be electric

Greg Gardner, Detroit Free Press As our urban transportation landscape becomes automated over the next decade, it could spark an electric car revolution. Spend enough time around these early self-driving vehicles and you notice that nearly all are hybrids or…


Volkswagen engineer pleads guilty to federal charges in emissions scandal
A veteran Volkswagen engineer pleaded guilty today in the first criminal charges stemming from the Justice Department’s year-long investigation into the company’s rigging of federal air-pollution tests. James Liang appeared in U.S. District Court in Detroit this morning and pledged to…

GotMix Beauty

Gotmix Beauty of the Month: Skyla Dawn August
  You see her on KCOH Radio and 90.1 FM; also she is the owner of her own Gym. She is really involved in the community we want to welcome Skyla Dawn the Gotmix Beauty of the Month for August. …

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